Not all talented artists can teach. For those that can teach, not all will teach with enthusiasm. Maja is an unicorn. She is very gifted in her trade. In addition, she can teach and will always teach with outstanding preparation and a golden heart. I enjoy her class very much!
— Irma
I’m incredibly grateful to you for teaching me how to draw, coaching me along the way, and helping me build confidence in abilities I didn’t know I had. If you would have told me I would leave the 8-week class wanting to frame and hang in my office something that I drew, I would have thought you were crazy. But I am very excited to proudly display my tiger for all my co-workers to see. I can’t thank you enough. I hope to take more classes from you in the future.
— Kristie
We had Maja come to one of our Girl Scout troop meetings and do a lesson for our junior drawing badge. She did a fantastic job with the girls; was very patient with their questions and gave a great lesson about why and how to do techniques, rather than just showing them. She was very engaging and the girls loved her. It was the most attentive and quiet we have had all year with our scout troop.
— Jill M.
maja sereda student artwork 2019 A
You’re one of the most inspirational human beings I’ve ever met. I love how passionate you are about teaching/making art and I, one day, want to be as good of an artist as you. Thank you for being my inspiration.
— Meghana
I attended Maja’s drawing class at Kirkland Arts Centre. Over the 8 weeks we explored a range of media and chose our favourites to create a final piece. Maja is a talented artist who was able to demonstrate and show us techniques for using each media and then work with us individually to instruct and guide us. We were given the opportunity to draw what we wanted and encouraged to use our own style. I really enjoyed the class and would recommend her class to anyone from beginners to seasoned artists. I will certainly be seeking her classes out.
— Helen
maja sereda student artwork 2019 B
I have taken several art classes in the past few years and I have gained the most in skill, creativity, and enjoyment from Maja’s classes. Under her guidance, I feel more confident in my abilities as an artist and that I am able to push myself that bit more! Her encouragement and talent make her an ideal teacher. To which end, I have just enrolled in my 3rd class with Maja!
— Jill T.
Thank you again for a great class. I really appreciated being exposed to some new materials and felt like I did some really good work in your class. I was challenged to really focus and pay attention to my drawing and my techniques, and it really showed in my finished products. I usually don’t complete anything I like in a workshop, but in your class I had the opposite experience. I will be doing a lot more work in charcoal, pen, and colored pencil in the future.
— Alexis
I feel very thankful of your help. You give me lots of courage through your class. Finally, I found own my true interest and can be able to have my dream. You are great teacher and artist.
— Hee
We want to thank the very talented local artist and children’s book illustrator, Maja Sereda, for her generosity and contribution to make this year’s Art of Discovery and Artist in Residence such a wonderful experience for our students!

Maja led the Artist in Residence lessons, one per grade, teaching the students to create various plants and animals and displayed some from each grade on a large tree she had drawn in the commons. Additionally Maja loaned us 13 pieces of her artwork to display in the library so that all students, with assistance from art docents, experienced an amazing Art of discovery during one of their class library times.
— Ben Franklin Elementary School
maja sereda student artwork 2019 C