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Maja Sereda is an award-winning artist and children’s book illustrator based in Redmond, Washington. Her work has featured in more than 20 books, published in South Africa and France.

Maja has worn many hats: besides managing a freelance illustration career for more than a decade now, she’s also worked as an art director for ad agencies in South Africa and Ireland, done colorist work for iconic South-African comic Madam & Eve, and even volunteered at a cat shelter!

A dynamic artist able to create in a diverse range of styles, she enjoys experimenting with different mediums. Her current body of work focuses on pen & pencil sketches that are highly detailed, often delicate and explore the myriad connections between human beings and the natural world. Maja’s abiding love of details, nature, hiking and exploring the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest informs much of her creative process.

Maja’s work formed part of a group exhibition in Johannesburg in 2006. Her art has been acquired by private collections in both South Africa and Ireland. She’s been a participant of a number of illustration exhibitions and has been invited to attend and present at international book fairs in Paris and Réunion.

Currently, Maja focuses her time on her work, as well as teaching art to children and adults. She’s passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with others, bringing wit and insight to her classes.

Maja also works as a caregiver. “I really enjoy compassion work, helping others, being there for them,” she says. “It also gives me space to step away from my drawing and reflect on my own work and life.”

When not creating and communing with nature, she pursues her other passions: photography, delicious food, poetry and ceramics.

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