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“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they will never sit in” – Anonymous

What makes me tick? The thought that my art and actions might be the seeds that will one day grow into magnificent trees. Thus, I focus on creating work that is meaningful and will hopefully make a difference, raising awareness of how vitally important it is to protect land, water and nature.

My fascination with details germinated in childhood and continue to this day. My current body of work draws inspiration from the intersection between my personal relationship with nature, my creative process and my new environmental context: the Pacific Northwest. Hiking in its rugged surrounds makes for some of my favorite moments. I’ll be scrambling towards the top of a mountain, my face inches away from the rock face… Then, right there, I see little plants growing, flowers, a Pika whizzing in and out of sight. I see fine moss, maybe water trickling between the rocks. I keep these experiences in my mind’s eye when I draw.

I study connections through observing, questioning and trying to understand our relationship with our environment: how we live in it, use it, and how nature responds to our presence. My work aims to enhance our ability to see better, reveal different points of view, and to delve into the simplicity or complexity of these connections.

Eyes, specifically, draw our attention. I want my work to be looking back at the viewer: not as a mirror, but as a familiar observer. When our tongues are silent, our eyes can speak.

My work is highly detailed but playful: I enjoy allowing the creative process to evolve on its own, rather than controlling or editing as I draw. I have consciously developed a visual language using primarily pen on paper, which makes my creative process easily portable.

My art is not a solo mission. I admire hard-working individuals who dedicate their lives to studying and protecting Mother Earth, and I want my art to help communicate their voice. My dream is to join forces and share my skills, time and vision with the individuals who wield strong purpose and passion and who have hope for the future.

My ultimate aim is to achieve a natural spontaneity through my work. I want my drawings to have the feel of an organic growth, and I want to encourage people to see and look at the world in a different way. That’s why feedback such as “I love what your eyes can see” is so important – it means a connection was forged.