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Maja seeks stories which inspire readers to run down the path of adventure, magic and natural wonder! Stories that create an artistic playground where mystery, exploration, discovery and genuine connections can blossom. Be it a story about a mouse, a water bear or an unlikely friendship between a whale and a leopard, Maja brings it alive with whimsical and delightful art!

Let Maja jump into your story with both feet allowing her to create a gem packed with heartfelt emotion, nature inspired beauty and poetry. 

If you have an AMAZING story or an idea, Maja would LOVE to hear from you! 

Maja has been illustrating since 2007. She has received 6 illustration awards and has more than 15 books, published in South Africa and France. She has been interviewed by newspapers, magazines and featured on blogs. Maja has also been invited to attend and present at international book fairs, in Paris and Réunion. Her current passion is working with soft pastels and mixed media while exploring themes around nature and human connection. In the past, she has held the position of an art director at ad agencies in Ireland and South Africa, she has worked as a colorist for the South African comic Madam & Eve, volunteered at a cat shelter and taught English at a French school. Maja has a BA in Information Design.

Maja now resides in Seattle with her family. She loves exploring the great outdoors and hiking the Pacific Northwest. Her other passions are photography, delicious food, learning new languages, poetry and ceramics.

* Member of SCBWI since 2010.

Photo by Muriel Enrico

Maja, your illustrations are breathtakingly beautiful, thank you for your exquisite work!
I love your precious children’s books illustrations!
— JO MARSHALL, author of Twig Stories
Ms. Sereda has a unique gift. I spent a career working with illustrators of all kinds, and this work is some of the very best I’ve had the pleasure to see. Her subtlety and nuance is astounding.
Love your work Maja, you’re such a wonderful artist. Your work left a smile on my face and a happy feeling in my heart